The payment platform that simplifies out-of-network benefits

When you use Float to pay for your out-of-network care, Float takes on the entire process. We’ll file your claim, negotiate with your insurance, track your coverage and cover insurance’s portion of the bill so you never have to wait to be reimbursed. You use your benefits, without having to think about them.

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Use your out-of-network benefits without the out-of-network headache.

Automatic superbill and claim filing
No manual filing
Float pays insurance’s portion of the bill, upfront
No waiting for reimbursement
Digital payment on any device
No payment constraints
Plain language explanations of your coverage and bills
No black boxes
Float negotiates discrepancies with your insurance
No haggling with insurance
Float pays any unexpected coverage gaps
No financial surprises

Not sure how your OON benefits work?

Let us de-mystify your coverage.

When you create an account with Float, we check your benefits, break them down in human-speak, and track them each time you pay a bill. We also explain the terms and amounts of each bill as they relate specifically to your coverage.

How Float works for patients

Get a link from your clinician

Float works by connecting to your insurance and to your clinician’s practice. To use Float to pay your bills, your clinician needs to have a Float account. Once they’re set up, they’ll send you a personalized link to join.

Clinician not on Float?

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Connect your insurance and we’ll check your benefits.

When you create a Float account, we’ll check your coverage and tell you how your benefits work, how much of your deductible has been met and how many sessions we estimate it will take before insurance starts to contribute.

Don’t have out-of-network benefits? You can still use Float to seamlessly pay your clinician bills.

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Choose from three service options to pay your bill and use your benefits.

You’ll get a notification when your bill is ready in your Float app. You can choose from three options for how much you’ll pay upfront and what  work or costs you want Float to cover for you.

You can learn more about our service tiers in our FAQs.

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We decode your bill and help you figure it out along the way.

Lets face it, insurance is confusing! Float is designed to help everyone understand what their bills mean and how their coverage works. We translate terms with in-app education and update you as your coverage changes.

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